Ear and Nose Piercing

A  new piercing can be a new way to accessorize your look, make a statement, or become part of your identity. We offer only hollow needle piercing done in a safe and sanitary environment by a trained nurse.  Our goal is to provide a personalized and luxurious experience in a welcoming and unique space.  If you aren’t ready to venture into a tattoo shop, but want more than a one size fits all experience of a mall kiosk, we can help.  

Not sure exactly what piercing you want? No problem. Weather it’s a single piercing, or a few, we can help you choose the right piercing for you based on your current piercings, your desired look, and your lifestyle.  We also make sure you are aware of the typical healing times, pain level, and risks which differ bewtween different type of piercings so you can make the perfect choice.

We specialize in the curated ear which is an art form that consists of multiple piercings in different formations unique to each person and each ear. 

Safety: MAny states, including Arizona, do not regulate the body art industry so it is up to the consumer to find a reputable and safe studio.  When researching a piercing studio look for places that are clean, use single use and properly sterilized equipment, implant grade metals. Under no circumstances should you be pierced with a piercing gun, squeeze piercer, or any other object other than a clean sterile body-piercing approved needle.  Always listen to your gut- If you walk into a piercing studio and it doesn’t feel “right”, dont be afraid to walk out and re-evaluate.  

Hollow needle piercing vs Gun


Cartilage piercing :  



Surgical Style Piercing

Get Pierced by a Trained Nurse:

  • Ear Lobes
  • Helix
  • Conch
  • Flat
  • Rook
  • Nose

Will a piercing gun be used?


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